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The four-seater plane

OSKBES MAI began development of multi-purpose four-seat twin engine airplane MAI-409.

The airplane has been designed according to AP—23 Aviation Rule requirements, analog of European CS—23 and American FAR—23.

Distinctive features of the airplane:

  • «clean» aerodynamic shape and retractable landing gear provides cruise high performance. However, Fowler flaps with large diameter wheels allow operation from unpaved runways;
  • easy entry and exit (to the rear seats similar with three-door cars);
  • exceptional view for the crew due to the selected layout of power plants;
  • application of proven engines (motor gasoline A-95) with a quality dealer support;
  • comfortable conditions for the crew because of the of interior dimensions and efficient ventilation and heating.

The main applications of the MAI-409 aircraft:

  • air travel and air tourism;
  • initial training and professional selection of flight crews;
  • aerial photography, tool monitoring, air patrols gas and oil pipelines, power lines, etc.;
  • using as military airplane.

An important feature is an ability of a multi-purpose single-type airplane employment for all the above tasks. This is provided by a reasonable combination of conflicting factors:

  • maximum cruise and minimum landing speeds;
  • easy flying and sufficient maneuverability;
  • long range and ability of landing on unprepared runways.

Besides the afore-said, there are other distinguishing features:

  • operation by cheap and available (e.g., automotive) fuels and lubricants;
  • fuel consumption compared with that of a car;
  • manufacturability and series-production worthiness;
  • competitive cost.

It should be noted that the cost of two-engine aircraft MAI-409 does not exceed the cost of single-engine aircraft in its class.


Aerodynamic and mass calculations and layout drawing have made.

Readiness of the design documentation is about 40%.

Now we are searching the investment in the continuation of design work, manufacturing and flight tests prototype.

Total wing area, sq. m2 14.3
Wing span, m 11.7
Wing profile GA(W)-1
Length, m 8.32
Wheel track, m 3.2
Wheels, mm Ø445x160
Engine number, pcs 2
Engine type Rotax 912S, 100 h. p.
Max takeoff weight, kg 1190
Useful load, kg 325
Passenger capacity, man 3
Crew, man 1
Maximum speed of level flight, km/h 310
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/s 6
Maximum cruising altitude, m up to 3000
Maximum payload range, km 1500
Take-off run, m 150
Take-off distance, m 400
Landing run, m 180
Landing distance, m 400
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