S-2 «Sintal» photos
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<nobr>S-2 «Sintal»</nobr> on the ground
S-2 «Sintal» on the ground

S-2SKh «Sintal»
S-2SKh «Sintal»

<nobr>S-2UT «Sintal»</nobr>
S-2UT «Sintal»

<nobr>S-2 «Sintal»</nobr> with ski landing gear
S-2 «Sintal» with ski landing gear

Instrumentation panel of <nobr>S-2</nobr></span
Instrumentation panel of S-2

Cockpit of <nobr>S-2 «Sintal»
Cockpit of S-2 «Sintal»

<nobr>S-2 «Sintal»</nobr> on the car trailer</span>
S-2 «Sintal» on the car trailer

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S-2 «Sintal».
Two-seat multi-purpose airplane
С-2 Синтал

According to the partner program of OSKBES MAI and REMZ-Avia, we offer the airplanes S-2 “Sintal” of various versions.

Single-engine two-seat multi-purpose airplane S-2 «Sintal» concerns a category of very light airplanes (VLA).

The plane is developed according to Russian norms of A.P. O.L.S. (Aviation Rules of VLA).

The plane has been shown for the first time in August, 2004 on the Second Russian salon of light aircraft in Nizhny Novgorod. It was shown on static exposition of «HydroAviaSalon-2004» in Gelendzhik, has been presented on the international air show «M.A.K.S.-2005» in Zhukovsky.

Three versions of the plane are developed and are produced:

  • S-2 — base two-seater;
  • S-2SKh — crop-spreyer;
  • S-2UT — trainer airplane.

If you want to buy S-2 «Sintal» please refer to OSKBES MAI.


S-2 «Sintal» is a semicantilever monoplane with T-tail. The wing is straight with a constant depth.

Airplane has tricycle-equipped landing gear. Main gear of spring type. All landing gears are equipped by wheels of one size.

The power-plant consists of engine Rotax-912UL or Rotax-912ULS, a reducer, three-blade propeller, an engine mount, fuel system, the exhaust system.

The plane cabin is made of fibreglass. The door is located on the right board and opens upwards. Armchairs of pilots are located tandem, the co-pilot's seat is located in the plane centre of gravity. The plane equipment allows to make flights in the simple meteoconditions on rules of visual flights, using unpaved airfields, snow and water surfaces depending on chassis type.

The plane transported on the special trailer by the car and can be stored in usual garage.

Ski and flotation landing gear, and also the trailer for transportation can separately be delivered to any versions of the plane.

S-2 «Sintal» can be delivered as a kitplane.

Length of the plane 6,6 m
Plane height 1,87 m
Fuselage height 1,4 m
Width of a fuselage 0,73 m
Wing span 9 m
>Wing area 12,33 m2
Wing mean aerodynamic chord 1,37 m
Aspect ratio of the wing 6,6
Wing section NACA 4412
Tail plane span 2,85 м
Tail plane area 2,54 m2
Tail plane mean aerodynamic chord 0,89 м
Wheel track 1,65 m
Wheelbase 2,2 m
Wheel diameter 400 mm
Wheel width 100 mm
Flight characteristics and operating limitations  
Maximum speed of level flight 158 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 140 km/h
Continuous cruising speed 100 km/h
Full speed 180 km/h
Maneuvering maximum speed 160 km/h
Stalling speed 55 km/h
Maximum rate-of-climb 6,0 m/s
Service ceiling 3000 m
G-limits +4,4/-2,2
Maximum takeoff weight 510 kg
Takeoff and landing characteristics  
Speed at liftoff 65 km/h
Landing speed 60 km/h
Take-off run 50 m
Landing run 40 m
Maximum windspeed  
headwind 12 m/s
crosswind (45°) 8 m/s
crosswind (90°) 6 m/s
Maximum duration of flight  
40 litres of the fuel 3,6 h
Power plant (Rotax 912UL engine (80 h. p.) or Rotax 912ULS (100 h. p.)  
Reduction rate 2,43
Propeller diameter 1,82 m
Fuel tank capacity 40 l
Fuel Motor gasoline Ai-95
Hourly fuel consumption  
Cruising regime 12 l/h
Takeoff regime 22,5 l/h
S-2SKh and S-2UT versions

S-2SKh — is a crop-sprayer version.

Structure of the agricultural equipment:

  • fiberglass chemical tank;
  • bars with atomizers;
  • pipelines;
  • the electric pump.
It is provided two variants of placing of a chemical tank: on co-pilot seat or under a spring of the basic chassis spring. Plane S-2SKh is universal. If there is no necessity in crop-spraying, a chemical tank and chemical equipment can be removed, it can be used in other purposes.

Crop spraying specifications S-2SKh

Productivity 360 hectare/h
Swath 40 m
Chemical tank capacity 125 l
Flow norm 3-10 liter/hectare

S-2UT trainer


S-2UT — is a trainer version of S-2 airplane. This version of the plane has the duplicated control system and an additional instrument panel for the co-pilot.

General view
S-2 Sintal. General view
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