Design Organization Certificate
Design Organization Certificate

July 24, 2017

OSKBES MAI and Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern KEMZ have presented new arplane MAI-411 at last airshow M.A.K.S.-2017.

MAI-411 at M.A.K.S.-2017 airshow.

July 23, 2017

Information about new OSKBES MAI projects — MAI-411 four-seat airplane has been published.



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December 22, 2015 г.

Information about The Colibris (a family of small-sized hybrid captive balloons) has been updated.


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September 9, 2015

OSKBES MAI has presented arplanes MAI-223M and Аviatika-MAI-890 (showed aerobatic complexes), MAI-223, autogyro MAI-208 and Colibris  hybrid captive balloon at last airshow M.A.K.S.-2015.

MAI-223 at M.A.K.S.-2015 airshow.

MAI at M.A.K.S.-2015 video.

July 15, 2015

Information about K-1500 — the hybrid captive balloon for parachute jumpers training.

K-1500 — the hybrid captive balloon for parachute jumpers training

K-1500</strong></a> — the hybrid captive balloon for parachute jumpers training

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Chief Designer

More about Vadim Demin
Vadim Demin

More about Vadim Demin...

The Design Bureau of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University).
Aircraft designing and manufacturing
Light Airplanes and Ultralights

Light multi-purpose four-seat
twin engine airplane MAI-411


Light multi-purpose four-seat
twin engine airplane MAI-409


Light multi-purpose four-seat
twin engine airplane MAI-407


Single-engine two-seat
airplane MAI-223


A family of very light airplanes

Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly

Two-seat airplane
Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly

As well as: experimental airplane Yunior (Junior), prototype MAI-89, experimental airplane Elf, experimental airplane Foton...

Autogyros, Gliders, UAVs

Two-seat autogyro MAI-208


Training glider MAI-227

PS-01 Komar (Mosquito)

Experimental UAV
PS-01 Komar (Mosquito)

As well as: multipurpose single-seat autogyro MAI-205, experimental autogyro Aviatika-MAI-890A, experimental UAV Elf-D...

S-2 “Sintal” airplanes
  S-2 “Sintal”

S-2 “Sintal”
single-engine two-seat multi-purpose airplane

S-2 “Sintal”

S-2SKh “Sintal”
crop-sprayer airplane


As well as: S-2SKh — the version of S-2 for pilot training flights.
According to the partner program of OSKBES MAI and REMZ-Avia, we offer the airplanes S-2 “Sintal” of various versions.

Sporting Airplanes
  Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat

Single-seat aerobatic aircraft
Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat (Acrobat)


Experimental aerobatic aircraft
Kvant (Quantum)

Airships, Captive Balloons

Gondola, nacelles, fly-by-wire power plant controls and empennage of NPO “RosAeroSystems”patrol airship Au-30


Multi-functional aerostatic complex
on the basis of the hybrid captive balloons


As well as: SkyBoat HELIOS; NPO “RosAeroSystems” custom-built: gondola, power plant, fly-by-wire controls and empennage of NPO “RosAeroSystems”multipurpose airship Au-12M, gondolas of captive balloons Aerolift, gondolas of captive balloon DAG-2M, empennage and fly-by-wire controls of airship Volaris, empennage of captive balloon Bars (Leopard) and equipment frame of captive balloon Puma...


AV-15-D2 variable-pitch reversible propeller

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