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Aviatika-MAI-890 and MAI-223M show aerobatic complexes at MAKS-2013

Aviatika-MAI-890 aerobatic complex.
Cockpit view

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Aviatika-MAI-890 (early version)
Aviatika-MAI-890 (early version)

Aviatika-MAI-890U in flight
Aviatika-MAI-890U in flight

Aviatika-MAI-890U over Moscow
Aviatika-MAI-890U over Moscow

Aviatika-MAI-890U on floats
Aviatika-MAI-890U on floats

Aviatika-MAI-890U on floats
Aviatika-MAI-890U on floats

Aviatika-MAI-890U on ski
Aviatika-MAI-890U on ski




Aviatika-MAI-890SKh (sertified version)
Aviatika-MAI-890SKh (sertified version)


Crop spraying equipment set SON-4
Crop spraying equipment set SON-4

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Family of very light airplanes

Aviatika-MAI-890 is a single seater multipurpose airplane combines the advantages of «ultralights» and of traditional light planes. This plane is made to be used in sport aviation, air tourism, pilot training flights, aerial photographies, patrolling of forests, roads, electric- and pipelines, towage of gliders, etc. One of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes application is using for geo-videomonitoring and soil parameters definition.

Performed calculations and static tests provide high strength of the plane, including a force «triangle» to protect pilots in emergency.

The planes can be flown by pilots of any qualification, its flight characteristics allow to perform aerobatics elements. High thrust-to-weight ratio combined with perfect controllability in all channels and an excellent pilot view from the cockpit make the plane extremely safe and pleasant for piloting.

The airplane Aviatika-MAI-890 is designed in accordance with JAR VLA and FAR—23 regulations. At present the planes are certified in France, South African Republic, and in some other countries. December, 1999 Russian Certificate of the Type was obtained.


Aviatika-MAI-890 is a wire-braced with a fabric covering of wings, control surfaces and tail units, with tricycle fixed undercarriage and controllable nose wheel airplane. The planes have a closed cockpit with an excellent pilot view.

The fuselage is made from aluminium tubes. The cockpit is fully enclosed with two doors with glazing made from organic glass. The nose fairing is made from fiberglass.

Wings are wire-braced. Beams are made from aluminium tubes. Ribs are the pressed components, made from aluminium alloy. Wings are fabric covered.

Empennage is strut- and wire-braced, made from fabric covering aluminium tubes.

Landing gear — tricycle. The spring of main gear is made from titanium alloy. Main wheels (tire 300×125) are equiped with brakes. The nose wheel (tire 300×125) is controlled by pedals.


  • speed indicator US-250;
  • compass KI-13;
  • vertical speed indicator VR-10M;
  • altimeter VD-10K;
  • bank indicator;
  • tachometer;
  • VDO cylinder head temperature indicator (for Rotax—912);
  • VDO coolant temperature indicator (for Rotax—582);
  • VDO oil temperature indicator (for Rotax—912);
  • VDO oil pressure indicator (for Rotax—912);
  • digital complex engine instrument «FLYdat» (optional).

Power plant.

Aviatika-MAI-890 may be delivered with three types of engines: Rotax—503UL, Rotax—582UL and Rotax—912ULS.

Rotax—503UL engine — a 2 stroke, petrol, two-cylinder engine with air cooling and mixture formation in the carburettor. A two-blade propeller of fixed type is used for this version.

Rotax—582UL engine — a 2 stroke, petrol, two-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and mixture formation in the carburettor. A two-blade propeller of fixed type VV-89A-2 is used for this version.

Rotax—912ULS engine — a four stroke, petrol, four-cylinder engine with combined cooling and mixture formation in the carburettor. A two-blade propeller of fixed type VV-98E-11 is used for this version.

The engines supplier — «AVIAGAMMA Jsc» (Moscow).

Aviatika-MAI-890U two-seater airplane

Aviatika-MAI-890U is a two-seater version of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplane.

The cockpit is fully enclosed with two doors with glazing made from organic glass. The back panel and cabin roof from within is covered by a sound-proof material. The double-seater variant is equipped with trim, operated from a cabin. Rotax 912ULS engine (100 h. p.) is installed. The plane can be equipped ski or floats. The structure of the instrument equipment is similar installed on single-seat plane Aviatika-MAI-890 with engine Rotax 912 ULS.

Aviatika-MAI-890SKh crop-sprayer

Aviatika-MAI-890SKh — is a crop-sprayer version of Aviatika-MAI-890.

Aviatika-MAI-890SKh is delivered with 105-liter tank for chemicals, filter, control set, rods and bracing wires, shut-off cock, branch pipe, electrical pump with a flowmeter and chemicals’ output counter, atomizers with shut-off valves and flow regulators.

Crop spraying specifications

Flow norm, liter/hectare 2...10
Time of the preparation to the next flight, min 4
Tank volume, liter 105
Average speed while dusting, km/h 95
Swath, m 18...25
Time of U-turn, sec 30
Productivity (flow norm=3 litre/hectare), hectare per 105-liter tank 35
Time of 1 hectare dusting (depends on flight speed), sec ~ 22
Average productivity, hectare/h 92
Average productivity (depends on weather conditions), hectare/day ~ 560
Petrol consumption, liter/h 18
Aviatika-MAI-890USKh two-seater crop-sprayer
Aviatika-MAI-890USKh Aviatika-MAI-890USKh is a two-seater crop-sprayer airplane.

Aviatika-MAI-890USKh can be used for the decision of other tasks:

  • initial training of pilots;
  • professional selection;
  • maintenance of skills of piloting;
  • aviatourism;
  • patrol;
  • geo- video monitoring and etc.

Aviatika-MAI-890USKh is designed on the basis of two-seat plane Aviatika-MAI-890U and has a design similar to it. The structure of the crop-spraying equipment is similar to Aviatika-MAI-890SKh crop-spraying equipment.

Geo-videomonitoring and soil parameters definition
Geo-videomonitoring equipment

One of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes employment is using for geo-videomonitoring. A unique geo-videomonitoring system has been installed in the cockpit of one of Aviatika-MAI-890U planes that had been assembled in Aviatika-Ural JSC under licence (see pic. 1). Owing to this system, wich include S-VHS camcorder, VCR and color LCD, an airplane may be used in map-making; ecology-monitoring; making and updating of visual data of buildings, edifices and equipment condition; land-tenure inspection, etc. With a help of built-in GPS aerial system ensure a precise accord every frame to a geography coordinates. An information is showed in a digital form. The following editing of images on PC (with the help of programs AV Master, Erdas, ArcInfo, ArcView, etc.) vidio transforms into the bit-map picture.

An example of operating of this system you can see at picture. This is the image of part of Kochnevo settlement. The survey was made during Aviatika-MAI-890U flight. Altitude is 150 m.; focus is 6 mm.

Next image is a plan of the settlement, that was made from geo-videomonitoring frames.

Aviatika-MAI-890 airplane with a special suspended equipment was used for soil parameters definition. At the next pics you can see results of the same operating near Rzhev. These maps of temperature, dampness and moisture content in the soil is a very valuable information for agriculture.


Author and Chief Designer of the project — K. Zhidovetskiy.

  • 1987 — the beginning of designing
  • 1989 — the beginning of test flights (V. Gordienko)
  • 1989 — The beginning of delivering
  • 1999 — The Type Certificate ST-176 for Aviatika-MAI-890 is issued.
  • 2002 — The Type Certificate ST-176/D1 for Aviatika-MAI-890SKh is issued.
  • 2003 — The Certificate of Conformity № 2.A10.91.159-2003 for SON-4 crop-spraying equipment is issued.

The airplanes are being produced by the leading aviation company of Russia, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Aircraft Corp. «MiG», well-known in the world due to its fighters MIG-29.

More than 300 Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes was produced and sold in more than 20 coutries.

An official supplier of MAI-223 airplanes is Moscow company PRO-Avia.

Your reports about Aviatika airplanes

V. G. Gordiyenko
Honoured Test-pilot of USSR
Hero of Soviet Union

It's evidently gifficult to me to be objective because I've been working with this airplane about 12 years. However, as a test-pilot, I consider that there are no airplanes better than Aviatika-MAI-890: safety design (it is being produced by the Russian aviation plant together with MIG fighters), perfect controllability, excellent take-off and landing characteristics; this plane can execute difficult aerobatics evolutions... It's a great plane!
Paolo Colucci
Italian Navy officer,
owner of Aviatika-MAI-890 No 020
I can't tell you how much I appreciate my aircraft: the way it is built, the materials used for its construction, the maneuverability and power it is capable of showing. I believe it is the best legal ultralight one could find on the market!
Nuria Monne Perez
President of the north-east section of the homebuilders
association in Spain, and member of the EAA.
Owner of Aviatika-MAI-890
It's a great plane; I'm so happy of my purchase!
Alexandr Andryushkov
Pilot of the fighter
Training air force regiments need this small plane instead expensive jet trainer aircraft. After mastering this plane during several flights, student may begin studing at fighters. I think Air Force High Command should look attentively at Aviatika-MAI-890.
Vegh Pal
Hungarian pilot-expert
(About Aviatika-MAI-890): This is the best plane that I have piloted ever!
Larry McFarlane
Australian pilot
I flew the Aviatika-MAI-890U in South Africa. I was impressed by the solid construction and the ease of flying. The most important aspect is the price as there are a lot of new aircraft but too expensive in relation to the cost of old Pipers, Cessnas etc. The Aviatika could be a good fun and working aircraft for Australia.

Version of Aviatika-MAI-890 890 890 890 890U 890SKh 890USKh
Engine type Rotax
Engine power, hp 50 64,4 100 100 100 100
Max takeoff weight, kg 350 400 450 540 540 540
Empty weight, kg 226 248 277 298 331 350
Mass of fuel (in main tanks), kg 37 37 37 37 37 37
Maximal speed of horizontal flight, km/h 115 120 150 130 130 110
Cruising speed of flight, km/h 90...100 90...100 90...100 90...100 90...100 90...100
Take-off speed, km/h 60...65 65...70 65...70 70...75 70...75 70...75
Landing speed, km/h 60...65 65...70 65...70 70...75 70...75 70...75
Maximal rate-of-climb, m/sec 3,4...3,5 3,4...3,5 6,0...6,5 3,2...3,5 2,7...4,8 2,1...4,1
Take-off run, m 90 70 65 90 90 90
Landing run, m 85 95 95 150 130 150
Allowed speed of cross-wind at take-off, m/sec 6 6 6 6 6 6
Allowed speed of head wind at take-off and landing, m/sec 10 10 10 10 10 10
Allowed speed of tail wind at landing, m/sec 2 2 2 2 2 2
Service ceiling, m 3500 4000 4800 2600 2010 2010
Duration of flight 2h. 35'. 2h. 35'. 3h. 07'. 3h. 04'. 2h. 53'. 2h. 53'.
Total wing area, sq. m 14,29 14,29 14,29 14,29 14,29 14,29
Upper wing span, m 8,11 8,11 8,11 8,11 8,11 8,11
Plane length, m 5,32 5,32 5,32 5,5 5,32 5,5
Parking height, m 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25
General view

* Aviatika-MAI-890USKh is shown

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