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MAI-227 handbill

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Training glider

Training double-seat glider MAI-227 — the glider for all generations of people.

The idea of creation of a glider of such class has appeared because of absence in the market of simple training gliders, such as BRO-11 and LAK-16, in «Soviet» time extraordinary widely applied in youth glider schools (Yu.P.Sh.).

On the other hand, training on a single glider though was widespread in days of Soviet Union, is recognised now by inefficient and unsafe. Besides, as it is not paradoxical, training on a single glider of the adult person is interfaced to the big problems.

One more difference of MAI-227 from the listed gliders is larger lift-drag ratio (18) that allows it to carry out soaring flight. Such high enough lift-drag ratio is reached, including at the expense of «a clean» wing (in the aerodynamic meaning) from composite materials.


The glider fuselage has a mixed construction: fiberglass cockpit with alluminium frame, made from the pipes made of an aluminium alloy. A cabin of the pilot — half-closed type with a forward windscreen from plexiglas. The cabin is made of fibreglass. Armchairs of pilots are located by a tandem.

Two-spar wing is made from fibreglass. A wing aerofoil — FX 60-157. Flaps and aileron are hung on the wing. Struts are made of dural pipes of oval section.

The glider landing gear is one-wheeled, not retractable. Control system — mechanical, reversible. Control of a glider is completely duplicated.

The instrument equipment:

  • Speed indicator US-150;
  • Compass KI-13;
  • Variometre VR-10M;
  • Altimeter VD-10K;
  • Sideslip indicator.
Lenght, m 5,5
Wing area, m2 14
Wing span, m 11,8
Wing aspect ratio 10
Wing airfoil FX 60-157
Wing unit load, kg/m2 18
Empty weight, kg 110
Takeoff weight, kg 270
G-limits +4...-2
Landing speed, km/h 45
Minimum descent rate, m/s 1,0
Lift-drag ratio 16...18
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