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MAI-223M and Aviatika-MAI-890 show aerobatic complexes at MAKS-2013

MAI-223M aerobatic complex.
Cockpit view

MAI-223M. The taxiing.

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Instrumental panel of MAI-223 equipped with MFD
Instrumental panel of MAI-223
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The two-seater plane

MAI-223 is a continuation of our concept of professionally designed and produced ultra light airplane with aerobatic abilities. The main difference is concluded in appreciably better performance and possibility of delivery as a kit.

During design process were made:

  • Aerodynamic calculations,
  • Calculations of stability and controllability,
  • Calculations of strength and resistance to fatigue,
  • Flutter calculations,
  • Full cycle of ground and flight tests.

Though MAI-223 is an Ultralight, it can be certified as a very light airplane, due to the fact that it was designed in accordance with JAR VLA regulations.


Design features

MAI-223 is a single-engine two-seat semicantilever monoplane-parasol with non-retractable landing gear. Perfect controllability in all channels and an excellent pilot view from the cockpit make the plane extremely safe and pleasant for piloting. High thrust-to-weight ratio, high-lift device and landing gear with tail wheel allow to use airplane from short, unprepared runways. Due to the folding wing airplane is very convenient for storage and transportation.

Structure and system description

Fuselage has a mixed construction: fiberglass cockpit with alluminium frame and monocoque fiberglass rear part of fuselage.

Folding wing has two spars and stamped metal sheet ribs made of aviation aluminum alloy with diagonal bracing and fabric covering.

Ailerons, flaps and tail unit made of aluminum alloy have fabric covering.

Landing gear is of non-retractable type with tailwheel. Hydraulic disc brakes have a unit of differential braking. Floats and ski landing gear are enabled.

Flying controls is conventional; manually actuated elevator, rudder and ailerons. Flaps and trim tab are electrically actuated.

Cockpit. Accommodation is side-by-side. Fully enclosed cockpit with heater and ventilation has storage space behind seat.

Power plant can include:

  • single engine ROTAX 912ULS — a four stroke, petrol, four-cylinder engine with combined cooling and mixture formation in the carburettor and a three-blade propeller of ground adjustable pitch type with composite blades. Fuel — gasoline with octane number not less than 92.
  • single engine ROTAX 582UL or ROTAX 503UL — a 2 stroke, petrol, two-cylinder engine with mixture formation in the carburettor and a three-blade propeller of ground adjustable pitch type with composite blades. Fuel — blend of gasoline (octane number not less than 92) and two-stroke oil.

Group of engine control instruments

  • ROTAX 912ULS — a tachometer, an indicator of temperature of cylinders heads, oil temperature indicator and oil pressure indicator.
  • ROTAX 582UL or ROTAX 503UL — tachometer and temperature indicator.

Flight and navigation equipment

  • altimeter VD-10K;
  • speed indicator US-250;
  • rate of climb indicator VR-10 M
  • slip indicator EUP-61;
  • magnetic compass KI-13;
  • pitot-static tube PVD-6M.

Electrical equipment. Airplane is equipped with the battery GP 12260 (CSB Battery Co, LTD) with capacity of 26 A/h. Electric equipment with total power consumption up to 250 W at voltage 12 V can be additionally used on the board.


Authors of the design: V. Demin, V. Lapshin

Head of project: V. Demin.

Chief Designer of project: V. Lapshin.

  • The beginning of designing: 2002
  • The first flight: 2004 October, 20 (V. Gordienko)
  • The first flight of MAI-223SKh crop-sprayer: 2006 Jule, 28
  • The first flight of MAI-223 with enhanced design of the fuselage (Yekaterinburg): 2007

An official supplier of MAI-223 airplanes is Moscow company PRO-Avia.

  495 kg 540 kg 610 kg
Wing span, m 8,19 8,19 8,19
Wing area, m2 11,4 11,4 11,4
Plane length, m 6 6 6
Wheelbase, m 4,58 4,58 4,58
Wheel track, m 1,58 1,58 1,58
Maximum level speed, km/h 195 192 190
Cruising speed, km/h 160…180 160…180 160…180
Stalling speed, km/h 65 70 73
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/s 6,0 5,4 4,5
Service ceiling, m 6900 6300 5500
Maximum range, km 570 6550 530
G limits —3; +6 —3; +6 —2; +4
Rate of roll, radian/s 2,5 2,5 2,5
Min ground strength, g/sm2 3 3 4
Take-off run (G=max), m 80 100 170
Landing run, m 65 80 120
Speed at liftoff, km/h 70 73 77
Landing speed, km/h 70 73 75
Empty weight, kg 305 320 320
Fuel tank capacity, l 70 70 70
Engine power, hp 100 100 100

All specifications are given for MAI-223 with Rotax 912S installed and with two 77-kg pilots.

MAI-223M — airplane with nose landing gear

July 1, 2012 made its first flight a modernized version of the plane — MAI-223M.

The main difference from the basic model — nose landing gear and the increased area of the vertical fin.

MAI-223M specifications

Wing span, m 8.2
Wing area, m2 11.4
Plane length, m 6.15
Maximum level speed, km/h 195
Cruising speed, km/h 160…180
Stalling speed, km/h 70
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/s 6.5
Service ceiling, m 5500
Take-off run (G=max), m 75
Landing run, m 80
Landing speed, km/h 70
Empty weight, kg 405
Max takeoff weight, kg 640
Fuel tank capacity, l 70
Engine power, hp 100
MAI-223SKh crop-sprayer

MAI-223SKh is a crop-sprayer version of MAI-223 airplane.

Crop spraying equipment:

  • 160-liter tank for chemicals,
  • filters,
  • control set,
  • rods, shut-off cock,
  • 2 electrical pumps,
  • lever-meter,
  • atomizers with shut-off valves and flow regulators.

MAI-223SKh specifications

Plane width, m 8,56
Wing area, m2 11,4
Plane length, m 6,15
Wheelbase, m 4,58
Wheel track, m 1,58
Maximum level speed, km/h 163
Cruising speed, km/h 120…140
Stalling speed (landing configuration), km/h 78
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/s 3,3
Service ceiling, m 3300
G limits —2; +4
Min ground strength, g/sm2 3
Take-off run (G=max), m 205
Landing run, m 87
Speed at liftoff, km/h 88
Landing speed, km/h 70
Empty weight, kg 362
Max takeoff weight, kg 630
Fuel tank capacity, l 70
Engine power, hp 100

MAI-223SKh crop spraying specifications

Flow norm, liter/hectare 0.5…20
Time of the preparation to the next flight, min 3
Tank volume, liter 160
Average speed while dusting, km/h 120
Swath, m 25
Time of U-turn, sec 30
Time of 1 hectare dusting (depends on flight speed), min ~ 0.48
Average productivity, hectare/h 124
Average productivity (6 hours per day), hectare/day ~ 743
Petrol consumption, liter/h 18
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