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The four-seater plane

MAI-411 multi-purpose four-seat twin engine airplane has been designed according to AP—23 Aviation Rule requirements, analog of European CS—23 and American FAR—23.

The airplane is equipped with modern all-digital navigation complex for easy and safe flight operations in all operation modes.

The airplane’s concept has the following differential characteristics:

  • Roomy cabin;
  • Comfortable boarding and deboarding;
  • Possibility of unpaved runwys;
  • Wheel, ski or float-type landing gear;
  • Reliable and well-tried engines;
  • Effictive ventilation and heating systems;
  • Attractive price

MAI-411 airplane application may be promising in the following fields:

  • air transportation;
  • initial training and professional selection of pilot personnel;
  • oil and gas pipeline, power lines, forest tract, water reservoirs, etc. air patrol;
  • aerial photographing, instrument monitoring;
  • air tourism.

The project investors:

  • Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern KEMZ (The manufacturer of the airplane)
  • Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)

The standard crew and passenger seating is side-by-side in two rows. The cabin height is 1220 mm, crew and passenger seating area width is 1275 mm, which provides comfortable conditions of housing the people dressed in winter clothes.

The cabin has ventilation and heating systems efficient within the whole range of operating conditions (-25...+40˚C). The luggage section is located behind the backs of the 2nd row seats.

A vertical tail includes a fin integrated with a fuselage, and a rudder.

A horizontal tail comprises a cantilever stabilizer and an elevator. Both stabilizer and an elevator are made one-piece tailplane by span, which lowers the weight and improves efficiency.

Airplane have a tricycle landing gear with a nose wheel. The airplane has an ability of a float-type and ski landing gear mounted.

A power plant includes two ROTAX 912S piston engines closed in engine nacelles and located on the wing symmetrically to the fuselage. The main fuel tanks are in the center-wing section.

The airplane is of a double control. A pilot's seat is on the left.

The control consists of mini-handles and pedal posts.

For airplane control convenience the pilots' seats have an adjustment ability.

The airplane is fitted with a full set of up-to-date navigation equipment to provide for instrument flight rule requirements.


The project investors:

  • Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern KEMZ (The manufacturer of the airplane)
  • Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)

The prospective supplier of the plane — Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern KEMZ

Total wing area, sq. m2 14.6
Wing span, m 12.2
Wing aspect ratio 9.92
Wing profile GA(W)-1
Fuselage height, m 1.46
Fuselage width, m 1.28
Fuselage length, m 7.20
Parking height, m 3.36
Landing gear base, m 1.96
Wheel track, m 2.1
Main wheels, mm Ø440x150
Nose wheel, mm Ø360x125
Engine number, pcs 2
Engine type Rotax 912S, 100 h. p.
Max takeoff weight, kg 1250
Useful load, kg 325
Passenger capacity, man 3
Crew, man 1
Maximum speed of level flight, km/h 290
Maximum cruising speed, km/h 270
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/s 6
Maximum cruising altitude, m up to 3000
Maximum payload range, km 1500
Take-off run, m 150
Take-off distance, m 400
Landing run, m 180
Landing distance, m 400
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