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This aircraft represents the Elf-D piloted version.

The concept of the «not dumped» aircraft was developed while testing the aircraft. Researches in the possibility of reception the minimal dependence of the aircraft balancing upon high-profile engine operations mode were fulfilled. While construction an experimental model a number of new engineering and technological solutions were also found. The light air engines by western manufacturers were tested on the aircraft. The aircraft has completed a number of ground tests and flight tests. After the tests the training of eleven pilots with the purpose of gaining the similar dimension aircraft piloting skills was carried out in the LII MAP.

Year 1981
Engine type Nelsson
Engine power, hp 48
Takeoff weight, kg 330
Empty weight, kg 210
Maximal speed of horizontal flight, km/h 180
Cruising speed of flight, km/h 160
Maximal rate-of-climb, m/sec 3
Wing area, sq. m 6.16
Wing span, m 5.86
Plane length, m 5.10
General view
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