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Autogyro MAI-205
Autogyro MAI-205

Autogyro MAI-205 in crop-sprayer version
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Autogyro MAI-205
Autogyro MAI-205

MAI-205 is a very light multipurpose autogyro designed for ultralowvolume crop dusting, pilot training flights, sports, etc. It was made on the base of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplane. However only nose landing gear, fin and horizontal tail unit not have been changed in the design. The first experimental autogyro was made at M.A.I. Experimental Plant on January 2000. 26 January, 2001 MAI-205 made the first flight.

26 January, 2001 MAI-205 made the first flight.


MAI-205 is a single seater rotating-wing aircraft. It’s made from high-quality alloy steel, aluminium and titanium alloys, composite materials, textiles, etc.

The fuselage is made from aluminium tubes. The cockpit is fully enclosed with two doors with glazing made from organic glass. The nose fairing is made from glass-fibre plastic.

Tail unit is strut- and wire-braced, made from fabric covering aluminium tubes.

Landing gear — tricycle. The spring of main gear is made from titanium alloy. Main wheels (tire 300×125) are equiped with brakes. Brake system is hydraulic. The nose wheel (tire 300×125) is controlled by pedals.

Controls is mechanical, reversal. Autogyro is controlled through rotor hub control mechanism, rudder and elevator with controllable trimmer.

Rotor — two-bladed, made from fiberglass.

Jumping takeoff mechnism let autogyro realize jumping-off. Rotor comes untwisted at the ground, then pilot pushes the button on the control stick, the rotor-blade angle increases to 10 degrees, the autogyro jumps, then the rotor-blade angle decreases to 4 degrees and with the help of pusher airscrew autogyro turns into speed acceleration and climbing.


  • speed indicator US-250;
  • compass KI-13;
  • vertical speed indicator VR-10M;
  • altimeter VM-3;
  • bank indicator;
  • rotor speed indicator;
  • digital complex engine instrument “FLYdat”;
  • digital chemicals counter.

Crop spraying equipment consists of:

  • two 50-liter tanks for chemicals;
  • filter;
  • control set;
  • rods and bracing wires;
  • shut-off cock;
  • branch pipe;
  • electrical pump with a flowmeter and chemicals’ output counter;
  • Russian atomizers or AU 7000 atomizers of the company “MICRONAIR” with shut-off valves and flow regulators.

Power plant.

Autogyro MAI-205 is equipped with Rotax—914ULS engine.

Rotax—914ULS engine — a four stroke, petrol, four-cylinder engine with turbo charger and electronic control of boost pressure, combined cooling and mixture formation in the carburettor. A two-blade propeller of fixed type is used for the engine.

Engine power of Rotax—914ULS is 100 hp at max. continuous perfomance and 115 hp at take-off perfomance. 30-liter fuel tank is integrated with 2 chemical tanks in a common removable unit.

  • The beginning of designing: 1997
  • The first flight: 2001

Now the program “MAI-205” is frozen at the initiative of the Customer. In OSKBES MAI production of autogyro MAI-208 is continued. .

Length (without rotor), m 5.32
Length (with rotor), m 9.0
Height, m 2.87
Rotor span, m 9.0
Rotor hub angle, degree 5
Rotor hub transverse angle, degree 1
Rotor-blade airfoil NACA-23012
Rotor-blade angle (untwisting), degree -1
Rotor-blade angle (jumping takeoff), degree 10
Rotor-blade angle (running takeoff), degree 4
Rotor-blade angle (straight-and-level flight), degree 4
Landing gear wheelbase, m 1.81
Landing gear tread, m 1.52
Rated flight perfomances
m takeoff =410 kg m takeoff =530 kg
Min. speed in straight-and-level flight, km/h 30 44
Max. speed in straight-and-level flight (at max. continuous perfomance), km/h 145 115
Max. speed, km/h 160 160
Maximal rate-of-climb, m/sec 5.1 2.7
Take-off run (running takeoff), m 50 100
Take-off speed (running takeoff), km/h 60 66
Take-off run (jumping takeoff), m ~0 ~0
Take-off speed (jumping takeoff), km/h 12 8
Landing speed (running landing), km/h 35 40
Landing run (running landing), m 35 50
Landing speed ("point" landing), km/h 5 10
Landing run ("point" landing), m 0 10
Normal speed of climbing, km/h 90 90
Service ceiling, m 4250 1750
Time of turn, sec 30 30
Max. G-load +3.5 +3.5
Min. G-load +0.5 +0.5
Mass specifications
Empty weight (crop sprayer version), kg 370
Fuel, kg 22
Max. takeoff weight, kg 530
Max. landing weight, kg 530
Max. chemicals weight, kg 70
Max. pilot weight, kg 100
Min. pilot weight, kg 50
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Autogyro MAI-205
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