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PS-01 Komar (Mosquito)
ЭExperimental Low-sized Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
PS-01 Komar

It was developed for one of the organizations of the Ministry of Defense. The PS-01 had original configuration: in the customers Technical Order the necessity of a wings-level turn with the given load was ordered. For the first time in the USSR the ring-type tail unit with a pusher propeller and rudders placed inside a ring was tested on the aircraft. This construction was subsequently used at the creation of a «Shmel» type serial complex.

The full-scale tests of the aircraft with the working engine in TsAGI wind tunnel #102 were carried out. Flight tests with air start from the start-up device, towed by a helicopter were also provided. Both the start-up device and the mode of towing and tests were developed by the OSKBES NAI.

Three samples of the aircraft were constructed.

Year 1980
Engine type MP-6Kh2
Engine power, hp 12
Takeoff weight, kg 90
Maximal speed of horizontal flight, km/h 180
Minimum speed of horizontal flight, km/h 85
Maximal rate-of-climb, m/sec 2.7
Wing area, sq. m 1.3 / 0.7
Wing span, m 2.12
Plane length, m 2.15
General view
PS-01 Komar
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