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Foton airplane in the wind tunnel of TsAGI institute
Foton airplane in the wind tunnel
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Foton (Photon)

Foton — is an experimental airplane. It was developed on the TcAGI and LII Technical Order as a laboratory for studying the perspective power systems of increasing the lift (ESUPSS).

The modular wing and tail unit design, allowing to investigate ESUPS in the most different combinations was applied on the aircraft. The remote control by the by-pass valves, more than 1500 routed through pneumoswitching devices on measuring points of static pressure gauging on a surface of the aircraft have allowed to gather a unique research material for a five year experimental period. A tubed sample of the aircraft was constructed.

Year 1987
Engine type RU-19-300
Engine power, hp 900
Takeoff weight, kg 2150
Maximal speed of horizontal flight, km/h 640
Minimum speed of horizontal flight, km/h 120
Maximal rate-of-climb, m/sec 23.5
Wing area, sq. m 7.32
Wing span, m 7.32
Plane length, m 8.27
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