Au-12M airship photos
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airship Au-12M on the ground
airship Au-12M on the ground

Gondola of Au-12M airship
"Gondola of Au-12M airship"

Gondola of Au-12M airship. Power plant view
Gondola of Au-12M airship.
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Gondola, power plant, fly-by-wire controls and empennage of NPO “RosAeroSystems” multipurpose airship
airship Au-12M

A low-volume two-seat airship Au-12M with a volume of 1250 cu. m may be applied for visual and instrumental monitoring of gas and oil pipelines, surveillance of roads and urban territories on behalf of emergency services, police, environmental protection services etc, advertising, high quality aerial photography, video and TV filming for advertising, television and cartography, rescue operations.

Au-12M airships are designed and produced by RosAeroSystems.

OSKBES MAI develops a design and produces gondolas, controls and tails for these airships.

Au-12M made the first flight September, 20, 2004.

Description of gondola

The airship gondola presents a framework containing:

  • a two-person crew;
  • a power plant;
  • a fuel tank;
  • a ballast container;
  • a self-oriented landing gear leg;
  • accumulators;
  • fly-navigational equipment on an instrument panel;
  • the power plant controls;
  • a rudder and elevator control handle;
  • gas and air valves controls.

The airship gondola has a large area of glazing.

The power plant consists of a petrol engine Rotax 912ULS, with actuates two propeller mounted on the turnable beam via mechanical rubber belt transmission. It provides the airship with the effective thrust deflection up 75 degrees up and down 45 degrees.

The telescopic self-orienting leg of a wheel chassis is mounted on the gondola to absorb the impact energy by a rough landing as well as for moving on the ground when parked.

The following requirements concerning the airship design and layout were taken into consideration during design and production of the airship:

  • high consumer effectiveness;
  • comfort;
  • excellent look;
  • original and harmonic appearance;
  • design simplicity.
  • The thrust vector device is operated by a handle mounted on the left of the pilot. The handle can be fixed in any position with a special holder. A thrust lever is mounted on the handle.

The airship power supply system is designed to supply electricity to the aerodynamic rudder control system, rudder (reserve) electric engine, navigational and control equipment, and the inner suspension system.

The airship Au-12M meets the requirements of the airship airworthiness criteria authorized by the Russian Federation General Aviation Register of 09.10.96 (fully complies with US FAA Airship Design Criteria).

Volume: 1250 m3
including air ballonets, up to 312 m3
Length/diameter ratio 4
Envelope max. diameter 8,47 m
Envelope length 34 m
Max. height 10,74 m
Net weight 780 kg
Min. operable speed 0 km. p h.
Cruising speed 50...90 km. p h.
Max. speed 100 km. p h.
Engine type Rotax 912 ULS
Engine power 100 hp
Duration of flight at cruising speed 6 hrs
Duration of flight at max. speed 2 hrs
Flight range 350 km
Max. altitude up to 1500 m
Normal altitude 10...1000 m
Crew 1 pilot
Commercial payload 1 person +
(65...130) kg
Ground crew 2-3
The detail description of Au-12M airship you can find on the RosAeroSystems website
General view of gondola
Au-12M. General view of gondola
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