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Самолет Aviatika-MAI-890 буксирует планер Aviatika-MAI-920 в небе над Москвой
Aviatika-MAI-890 airplane
is towing Aviatika-MAI-920 glider
in Moscow sky

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Training glider

A training glider, manufactured on a constructive-technological basis of the Aviatika-MAI-890 aircraft. The Aviatika-MAI-890 parts and units make up more than 90% of all the glider parts and units. Its basic difference is that the glider has a wing aspect ratio, increased in comparison with the aircraft and simpler design of the chassis. The glider is adapted to towage by the Aviatika-MAI-890 aircraft. With the glider appearance it is possible to speak about the organization of a «club triad»: a single-seater training aircraft and the towing Aviatika-MAI-890 in one, two-seater training Aviatika-MAI-890U aircraft and the training Aviatika-MAI-920 glider.

Year 1992
Empty weight, kg 103
Maximal speed of horizontal flight, km/h 120
Minimum speed of horizontal flight, km/h 50
Cruising speed of flight, km/h 55
Maximal aerodynamic quality 15
Wing area, sq. m 10
Wing span, m 10
General view
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